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    F . A . Q . (Frequently Asked Questions)

    1. How To Get 3% Cash Back From Any Cruises?

    Find Cruise 3% Cash Back on The Life Side Of Our Web Page From There You Will Know (Use Email Or Phone To Get Your 3% Cash Back From 6Kiss Travel Inc)

    1. How to register?

    May telephone (408-973-0999) Application -> Please tell booking staff you want to take part in the date. No. Mission. Number. The room number. On the bus location and other requirements! Laid down after the booking officer will give you a TOUR Voucher number, if you choose to send a check payment, please attach Voucher number or choose a deposit to us! Receive fares, we will send a receipt to you, on behalf of the completion of booking!!

    E-MAIL (6kisstravel@Gmail.com) Application -> Please E-MAIL you want to take part in the date. No. Mission. Number. The room number. On the bus location and other requirements! Booking staff will E-MAIL entry form to you You can fill in this nomination form, return, we will help you booking and give you a TOUR VOUCEHR! send checks (accompanied by this Zhang TOUR VOUCHER) or a deposit to us! Receive fares, we will send receipt to you, on behalf of the completion of booking!!

    Fax (408-973-1199) Application -> Internet to download a nomination form, please call us or fax the entry form to you after a completed entry form back to us, we will help you with your booking and give you a TOUR VOUCHER ! send checks (accompanied by this Zhang TOUR VOUCHER) or a deposit to us! Receive fares, we will send a receipt to you, on behalf of the completion of booking!!

    To register pleasure holidays -> Company Address: 10122 Bandley DR Cupertino CA 95014 (Please bring a check OR cash)

    2. Payment method? 

    Please refer to Application section.

    3. Payment, what proof I have of the corporation has confirmed that application does?
    We will use E-MAIL or FAX or send a formal receipt to the travelers. And to confirm that they have to pay!

    4. Driver tip guides Quotes?
    Calculated to the seat. $ 6 per person per day has already included a driver guide.

    5. Driver guides to how to tip it?
    Guides will be the first day of the relevant Notes. As sure that their services, the last day of tour guides can give. If the recommendations are not satisfied with or complaints, contact our manager to come!

    6. Seat is fixed it?
    Not. Tour guides will be arranged. Commutator rotation every day.

    7. Clothing how to prepare it?
    Large temperature difference between morning and evening, it is recommended to bring coats, jackets, if the heat can be placed on board. Also, please prepare comfortable walking shoes.

    8. If a single man or single woman you want to go out to play?
    We will try our best to help guests units. If the allocation can not have to pay the single room price.

    9. How do I know it can be units?
    When you register, the booking staff will inform you whether or not other people at that time can tell your units!

    10. I speak Cantonese / English / Taiwanese language ... and so on. Guides speaking the same language?
    Majority of the passengers or to speak Chinese, but the registration booking, please inform staff that you speak the language, we will help you specify.

    11. If I am in a mission the day before the arrival of SF, can be on behalf of reservations?
    Can. But as early as possible to inform. Convenient operation.

    12. Where is the hotel from the airport to keep up with the car at them recently?
    * The two are near the hotel from the airport. Can also be on the train. Also have a Shuttle or BART to the airport. Very convenient *

    13. I would like to know how Where can I get on the train? Points then?
    Bay Area has eight locations on the train, may refer to web site or ask booking staff (www. 6Kisstravel. Com)

    14. Web site is what is included in the price?
    Packet tax. Hotel accommodation. Buses. Guides. Itinerary. National Park / West Valley tickets + amusement parks (Disneyland, Unviersal) tickets.
    Does not include: tips. Meals (morning. Afternoon. Late). Personal expenses (laundry. Tel. Alcohol. Personal insurance.. Etc.). Itinerary of the tour tickets (see website)

    15. Newspaper price, on what criteria?
    Reported on the price of 4 adults and one room "from" prices. To the number you determine your prices. Like two. Three. Single child prices are different.

    16. If I have paid for application. Can cancel?
    Cancellation 8-14 days before departure: the need to collect 25% of tour fare
    Cancellation 3-7 days before departure: the need to collect 50% of tour fare
    2 days (48 hours) prior to departure Cancellation (NO SHOW or any factor): not to reclaim any costs (also should not be rescheduled or diverted to corporations)

    17. If I am from Taiwan / China / other countries apply. How to apply it?
    The proposed E-MAIL (6kisstravel@Gmail.com
    ) application, and arrived at SFO on bank deposits after the United States or to the Office of pleasure holiday cash. (For details please contact the booking staff)

    18. Can arrange special packages corporation or rent buses?
    Can! Please send your date of departure. Number. Bus SIZE. Probably travel content. Contact Phone.. Such as detailed information on E-MAIL to: 6kisstravel@Gmail.com
    or sixkisstravel@hotmail.com will contact you in person

    19. Bus will be long?
    No. On average every two hours will be stopped to allow passengers to go to the washroom. Events. To buy the water. Rest.. And so on

    20. In the bus you can use the toilet?
    Buses have toilet. But does not recommend the use of (unless there is an emergency situation). Because of the way everyone in the car, for fear of the smell too much and affect everyone's interest to play.

    21. To live, what level of hotel it?
    Local fares in accordance with the budget, the general standard is three stars or more to clean, safe. Comfort as the standard. If the remote areas, it will choose the best local. The Company to use the same industry the cost of the highest hotel, welcomed the comparison.

    22. Eat how to do?
    Restaurant guide will introduce and provide choice. Passengers can choose to eat with the group or on their own to eat. Most Chinese Buffet, or Western-style fast-food-oriented.

    23. To Mexico, what documents to bring?
    By the United States into Mexico without a visa, but immigration must be brought back to the United States passport. And to identify all the relevant documents back to the United States has not expired, if the lack of documents because you are unable to return to the United States, the Company can not be held responsible.

    24. To Canada what documents to bring?
    Be sure to bring a passport and all relevant documents. Such as foreign passport holders must have a Canadian visa, if because of your inadequate documentation is unable to return to the United States, the Company is not responsible.

    25. LA restaurants have breakfast?
    Yes. LA hotel has with CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST.

    26. Take part in Las Vegas, Grand Canyon Mission. Usually in Las Vegas a few points on this?
    About 3:30 p.m. will reach about -4 Las Vegas

    27. Is there generation set in Las Vegas show tickets and Las Vegas night night activities?
    Tour will arrive in Las Vegas before the introduction, you can apply to the tour guides on board.

    28. South Canyon West Grand Canyon What's the difference?
    South Canyon is an American national parks, spectacular vision shocking day in Las Vegas road trip longer, but worth it. West Grand Canyon is a Hualapai Indian reservation, can walk at their own expense in March 2007 added the glass bridge, stepping away from the bottom has 4, 800-foot-tall transparent glass, with a 720 ° angle of viewing the Grand Canyon.

    29. If YG4 or YG6. Which must be after the airport & a few points? Will send guests to the airport it?
    YG4-> Please set the Salt Lake City SLC 7:30 PM, we will be sent to the airport. YG6-> Please set in Las Vegas LAS, Las Vegas LAS you can arrive at the same day or the next day to leave early in the morning to leave, subject to on its own to the airport.

    30. Southwest giant ring, NM White Sands Park, summer will be hot?
    Multi-line part of belonging to the plateau, itinerary design made most of the morning and afternoon in outdoor activities due to the dry zone will not be too hot in summer. Suggest that in addition to short-sleeved T-shirt with a jacket or outside, cooler plateau sooner or later.

    31. In the Bay Area this area, whether or not register it?
    Some! So long as any of a travel agency, named to take part in "pleasure holiday" to the tour!

    32. I would like to confirm how the application is indeed a "6Kiss Travel" it?
    To the travel agency application, make sure to get the "pleasure holiday" itinerary! And booking again with you to determine!

    33. Why should other agencies would be more cheaper holiday pleasure it a little bit of high price?
    Holiday pleasure to use the same industry in the quality of the best hotels. 2007-2008 new large buses, the most professional tour guides and service staff. Any problems can respond in a timely manner. And to give assistance, and insist on "quality" check. The most important thing is We uphold the principle of "not comfortable travel, and in a reasonable period of time to play to the best spots to see the most." hope that the guests can have a pleasant journey. pleasure holiday as in the past, continue to develop innovative good trip, visit to the United States to benefit from all walks of life tourists.